Friday, July 25, 2014

#70Days Sharing presentations with colleagues

Next week our district will host 2 weeks of workshops.  Teachers in our district are not required to attend but even with that, there will be many folks there!  The workshops will vary from technology to curriculum to instruction.  I am relatively new to this district but in the past I had done some presentations.  I decided to share what I've been learning for the past two years and my proposals were accepted.  Unfortunately the workshop on the MTBoS did not make (didn't have at least 10 participants sign up).  I would have still offered it but the powers that be did not offer that choice.  I still get to do two other presentations - and hopefully I can spread the word about the amazing group of math teachers online.

Here is the MTBoS presentation ... if you have a chance to share it with others, let me know:

My presentation on "warm-ups" comes directly from all the great work among the MTBoS teachers.


My last presentation - on projects in math class is not quite finished yet ... but I'm sharing it anyway ... let me know if you have ideas to add!  I'm looking for projects that are teacher tested!

I'll report back in a week or two about the outcomes of our workshops!

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