Monday, July 28, 2014

#70Days Made 4 Math Banners

I had the opportunity to participate on our school's interview team today from 1 pm to 6:15 pm!  We talked with several good candidates - can't wait to hear who our new team member will be.

In the process, one gentleman had been to a workshop recently.  We asked him to share something he had learned.  He mentioned one fun strategy for reviewing vocabulary or defining a concept.  Three students "play" at one time. They work round robin style.  The catch, each student says only one word.  So player one starts a thought to define a concept or vocabulary word.  The next student adds one word, then the third student adds a word ... and round they go until they complete the definition. It sounded like fun!

Today I finally finished banners for my classroom (or almost finished, need to add a spot of glue to keep the banners on the string)!  I can't get into my classroom yet, but here they are on my closet at home!

One banner will hang in the front of my classroom, and the other will hang on a side wall.  

There aren't many "free" days left before school starts.  I'm sorting through books, decorating materials, and plans to determine what I need to work on next.

These are the books I've collected this summer - the ones I've spent the most time with.  My favorites are The Strategic Teacher and the Math Tools books! I hope to return to these before school starts - I am excited about infusing more of these strategies in my work!

I also purchased 2 picture books!  I love to use picture books in my classroom when I can.  I plan to use these two when I share a presentation next week about projects in the classroom.  I don't have a solid plan for using them in my classroom yet ... I just need to spend a little time daydreaming about how they might fit in our curriculum!  Missing Math - a number mystery is a rhyming story about all the numbers disappearing.  This book would be a great book to start the year. What if there were no numbers - how would that affect our lives!?!  If the World Were a Village is an awesome book about statistics and percentages.  The author crunched numbers and presents the world as if there were just 100 people.  The book is a colorful similarity to a website with a similar title: 100 People: A World Portrait.

Next up are finishing the presentations that I am sharing on Monday. 


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