Saturday, July 19, 2014

#70Days Clouds, Colors, and Filing Cabinets!

We had a hard rain last night - always a good thing in Texas - except for the flooding that it brings.  The drought here is severe!

The rain left this morning but the clouds did not.  It's been a gray summer day ... most unusual.  And for much of the day I was not motivated to leave the couch at all!  

I spent the morning surfing Pinterest ... looking at all of the classroom decor and organization tips.  I collected a few ideas here.  After a while I was intrigued enough to run over to Hancock Fabrics to see what I could find.  This fabric was half price, still not cheap enough, but it will be the cover for the back of my desk and the piece that pulls together the blues, greens, yellows, and coral in the classroom.  Think "oasis"!

Besides surfing Pinterest, I worked on my Algebra 2 Virtual Filing Cabinet.  I love the filing cabinets that others have .. you can find a great list on Julie's site here.

My Filing Cabinet is set up to reflect the units of instruction we have in our Texas Algebra 2 curriculum.  There are a couple of typical algebra 2 topics that we don't teach - sequences/series is one of those.  In my cabinet I have mostly the problem solving activities and labs that I want to remember.  We use Kuta software for the typical naked problem practice so I don't put those in the cabinet.

If you have ideas for my filing cabinet I would love to hear from you!

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