Wednesday, June 25, 2014

#EduRead on Wednesdays! Hey TODAY is Wednesday!

OK ... so I'm excited to participate in #EduRead tonight.  I learn something every time I participate!

#EduRead is a chat about an professional article ... each week a different one.  Tonight's article is Creating a Differentiated Math Classroom.

The premise of the article is that students tend to have math learning styles.  These are not your typical learning styles like visual, auditory, kinesthetic, etc.  Instead these are more similar to personality styles as found in Myers-Briggs analyses.

The authors suggest the four learning styles are mastery, understanding, interpersonal, and self expressive.  I was curious about these so I googled math learning styles and found this chart:
The article we are discussing tonight suggests that as math teachers we need to plan units of instruction that incorporate multiple styles ... not every lesson ... but within every unit.

The one thought I hope we can explore tonight is the connection between these styles and instructional strategies.  The authors of our article illustrate, for example, that identifying similarities and differences (compare/contrast) stimulates an Understanding style of thought. Graphic organizers may help students with a preference for Mastery.

Join us tonight, on Twitter, #EduRead, at 8 pm central time!

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