Thursday, May 8, 2014

Sharing the joy!

Today a parent sent a sweet and encouraging note about me first to my administrator and then to me ... I'm so thankful to work with supportive parents.  I have found that they love to "know" what's happening!  So I send a weekly email.  That communication at the high school level is not common and yet so significant in parents' eyes!

Our PTSA is feeding us snacks today ... Ocho de Mayo ... chips, dip, fruit and more ... love the appreciation that this effort displays!  There are nearly 200 teachers here so it is no small feat to feed us :)

Our administration fed us a continental breakfast on Tuesday and gifted us with large, golf size umbrellas!  Love the extra effort to say thank you!

Teachers are bashed often in the news media, we are an easy target.  It's nice to hear gratitude this week!


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