Monday, May 19, 2014

New app - summer play - thinking aloud

I just downloaded "whiteboard cast" for my phone and nook.  I want to practice this summer creating short lesson videos for students.  And then get them to create them as well.

One of my "big" goals for the coming year is to blend more technology into my Algebra 2 class.  I've begun to look for good fits ...

Three tools I've "pinned" so far ... to explore and consider this summer are:
Flippity ... flash cards ... building vocabulary
Padlet ... graphic organizer, sticky notes ...
Kidblog ... student writing ...

I already know that I'll use Edmodo and Desmos.  Recently I asked students to use Desmos to solve a problem ... to graph and explain ... and then to submit their work.  I really liked the results! 

We'll use Google to tie it all together ... docs, spreadsheets, forms ... and more.

Much to think about this summer!

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