Saturday, May 31, 2014

Differentiating with Google Forms

So, I have been reading about how you might differentiate with Google Forms but I had not tried it.  And I still haven't tried it with students.

BUT I created a "choose your own adventure" type activity for teachers participating in our summer professional development.  And now, I am excited to differentiate with Google Forms.

In the PD Form, there were no "correct" answers.  Instead, participants will read or view something and select an answer.  Based on their selection, they are directed to another site and so on.  Here is a sample ... depending on which of the reasons for participating in the MTBoS resonate with them, teachers will be directed to a blog post that illustrates the reason they chose.

In math class, I can envision redirecting students to a simpler problem if they choose a wrong answer, or to a short review video before getting to respond to a question again.  I could also direct students to a more challenging question to understand the depth of understanding.

Over the next few days I hope to get my first differentiated math quiz using Google Forms ... and share it with you!  If you have used this process, please comment, share how it worked!

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