Sunday, April 6, 2014

Excuses! 2048! Testing! Spring Fever!

I have neglected blogging lately!  It could be due to playing 2048 too much!  A moment of honesty ... my students were winning and I hadn't won yet.  I would get frustrated; make wrong moves.  So I had to keep playing to win at least once!

Second reason for not blogging is the crazy schedule for the past week and a half.  Two days of STAAR testing messed with several days of class.  Finally I think we are back on a regular schedule - all students should be ready for their unit test on attributes of rational functions on Tuesday.

Even with the above excuses and a heavy case of spring fever, I am excited about the Desmos creative art project I just assigned to students.  The students seemed excited too.  I can't wait to see their creations.  The purpose of the project is to review the seven parent functions we have studied, their transformations, as well as the necessary emphasis on domain and range.  Projects will be posted towards the end of April.

We are about to embark on solving rational equations and applying those skills to word problems.  I'm still working on lesson plans but I know we will use Illuminations problems from the activity Light It Up.

If you have good ideas about how to teach students who recoil from factions how to add and subtract algebraic ones, I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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