Friday, January 24, 2014

Rational Exponent Unit - preparation for observation

I am going to be observed on this short skills unit that I have chosen to flip.  I asked for the observation - our administrators let us choose the day and time.

The videos I created are OK ... they aren't perfect.  I need to work on that skill some.

This notes booklet should be helpful to students.

Rational Exponents Booklet Notes Pages 1 and 8 by Beth Ferguson

In each of these lessons I am highlighting three initiatives at our school, formative assessment, technology, and writing.

The writing we will do is short ... to the point.  We have done some lengthier explanatory writing.  But the reflection and short explanations in this booklet fit the expectation ... and of course are worthwhile to student learning.

The use of technology is not transformative.  I am using technology in its simplest forms ... for taking notes, for routine online practice, and for quizzing.

The formative assessments I have planned now are the individual stations and a wrap up activity at the end of each lesson.  I'm looking back through the book on formative assessment for a strategy I might like to employ other than ticket out of the door or show me your whiteboard work.


  1. Beth, I can't find a Mange Math game for anything secondary except transformations and quadratics. Any suggestions?

    1. The Manga High activity I am using is in the Algebra 1 list from this organization: Prodigi: Properties of exponents and rational exponents
      Algebra I » Foundations for functions » The student understands the importance of the skills required to manipulate symbols in order to solve problems and uses the necessary algebraic skills required to simplify algebraic expressions and solve equations and inequalities in problem situations » find specific function values, simplify polynomial expressions, transform and solve equations, and factor as necessary in problem situations. Understand the meaning of the numerator and denominator of a fractional power. Include simple/mixed fractions and decimals

      Our students have not studied fractional powers before now.

      Manga High also addresses rational functions, some trig ... I haven't checked to see if it has conics at all.

    2. Under your "classes" tab you can use the Curriculum Filter in the Gradebook to see what Prodigi/Games are available for each standard. It doesn't have everything, and the alignment isn't always perfect, but I use it all the time for finding activities for my students.

      I also use and more specifically -- these links are a hold over from Manga High's previous organization, and so the pages aren't really accessible without the direct links (that I've seen). I have them bookmarked, because sometimes I would rather do a Ctrl+F search for a topic than click through the specific standards I'm trying to hit.

    3. Andrew - love the links ... saw immediately something I was looking for but had not found using the standards. Thanks!

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  3. Thank you for sharing these documents! I'll be hitting rational exponents in a couple weeks, so it's nice to see what you've put together.

    It took me a while to figure out how you were putting the booklet together, since I was picturing a sequence of half-page worksheet rather than a front-and-back booklet. I like the look of the book -- do you just staple down the center?

    Any chance you'll be sharing the card sort / error analysis station cards? :)

    1. I print the pages front to back so there are only 2 pages ... the students fold them but we don't bother with stapling.

      I can share the card sort ... online it is in a rough state ... but I'll post what I have and what I plan to do with it. The error analysis station I borrowed from 2 places online. I'll look for the links today. Watch this evening for a followup post.

    2. I posted a bit more today including links to error analysis that I used and my own card sort. See