Friday, November 1, 2013

Unit planning - characteristics of quadratics

Our unit on Absolute Value was short ... and now I find myself scrambling to get ready for our next unit on the Characteristics of Quadratic Functions.  It is also a short unit ... a focus on graphing and transformations.  We study solving quadratics as a separate unit.

I offer my outline for Day 1 and would be delighted with feedback!

Day 1 ... Introduction

Day 1.1 Opening Activity:  Vocabulary  Round UP ... what do you remember from your first year algebra course about quadratics?  Students brainstorm a list ... the beginnings of our word wall

Day 1.2 Data Exploration:

Day 1.3 Birthday Parabolas ... students use their birth dates to create a parabola (month, day, 2 digit year corresponds to a, b, c).  They label the parabola with key characteristics from our vocabulary round up. This idea comes from The Secondary Classroom blog with modifications.

On Day 2 we are headed to Mathalicious and the Fall of Javert as we continue to explore the characteristics of quadratics.

The on Day 3 we will review multiple representations and transformations (this is an ongoing theme throughout our year ... students are already very familiar with a, h, and k!)  I have a set of cards ... each student gets a card, four cards make a set ... so students create foursomes.  I still need to flesh out this day ... 

Last on Day 4 we will graph inequalities ... not sure yet what this day will look like at all.  It may be a Desmos exploration day!

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