Sunday, September 15, 2013

So many good things ... Smile File!

Julie sent out the challenge to share one good thing that has happened since school started!  I have several things to share:

  1. My students this year are amazing!  They are attentive and cooperative!  Many of them "like" math!  I still have a few to win over ... but overall I think we are getting along well!
  2. My assignment this year is challenging and fun!  I'm teaching Algebra 2.  I only returned to the classroom last year after being in other positions for 13 years.  Last year I taught Algebra 1 - I liked it ... but I LOVE the combination of students/content this year!
  3. After participating in MTBoS for a year, I'm trying to incorporate some of the things I am learning.  Students are getting the hang of "I notice ... I wonder."  And they were so very excited about Estimation 180!  
  4. My Donors Choose project was funded!  My group whiteboards arrived this past week ... we start using them on Monday.

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