Sunday, August 25, 2013

Lesson plan template ... the simpler the better!

Today I created a simple template for lesson plans.  Our administrators don't require a specific plan.  Our math department uses what I think is a convoluted and complicated plan.  When I am assigned lesson plans to contribute, I use their form.  But for my daily purposes, I like a simple listing ...

  • Date
  • Standards
  • Criteria for Success
  • Materials
  • Activities
  • Formative Assessments

I created my template in Excel.  I embedded all of our standards for the year in drop down menus - so I can just select from the menus to insert the standards.

In class activities I try to outline as much as possible the details I want to include.  This year I'm trying to be very conscious of asking better questions and allowing time for noticing/wondering.

Our administrators specifically look for our criteria for success and how we measure those criteria during a lesson.  So in class tomorrow, I want students to know how to recognize a function in a table, mapping or graph.  I need to build in a short activity to measure their success.  Then as we move on to representing parent functions, quizzing students as we build our foldable, making sure they note key characteristics, various restrictions on domain or range, etc is essential ... and expected.

What do you write down in your lesson plans?

PS ... Check out my daily blog ... ... to see what we capture on day one of school!

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