Monday, August 12, 2013

Families of Functions Day 1

I'm working on Day 1 plans ... they keep evolving as I talk with new team members.  Here is the outline of my Day 1 this morning :)

August 26/27 ... Lesson Plan 
  • Enroll:  As students enter, invite them to complete the Fixed vs Growth Mindset survey.  
    • As students complete the survey, ask them to put a sticky note on the board (number line) to get an overview of our class.  
    • Briefly explain our class emphasis on growth!
  • Experience:  In pairs, students will sort a set of cards into two groups – function, not a function – with no teacher direction – only questions.  (I am borrowing from Math Tales from the Spring and adding a few sorting cards from VA DOE.)
  • Label:  Use Frayer model to define a function. 
    • Ask students to use the definition and discussion to assess their card sorts.    
    • Assign 8 Error Analysis problems.  Topic:  is it a function or not.  Answers are provided but some are incorrect.  Which ones are incorrect and why.
  • Demonstrate:  Introduce 7 functions to students.  
    • Students will take notes on family, equation, graph, domain, range, and characteristics.  
    • Students will enter parent functions in calculator to assist in exploration.  
    • Use guiding questions.
  • Review:  Introduce notebook expectations … use unit overview to review briefly today’s goals.  Assign setting up notebook as homework.
  • Celebrate!  (Think about how best to do this on first day )

(By the way, this is my favorite Lesson Plan outline ... for students to experience math before we label it!  The outline is called EELDRC out of Quantum Learning Training).

Here are pictures of our flip chart for families of functions ... it's a quick put-together ... individual cards taped in succession so that they flip up.

If you want the full pdf, click here.

Looking forward to seeing everyone's Day 1 plans!


  1. I love this!!! Thanks for sharing :)

    1. Oh, you are so welcome! I've gotten so many good ideas by reading your blog ... so glad to share with you!

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    1. Hi Chris! Thank you for stopping by! And thank you for the Liebster Award!