Sunday, August 18, 2013

Error Analysis Function or Not a Function

On our first day we will review the definition of functions.  Before we delve into the details of the definition, students will visit posters of graphs on the walls with a partner and determine if the graph represents a function or not.  After experiencing the math for themselves, we will spell out the specifics of the definition as we check the work.

To make sure students understand the definition I have an "error analysis" exercise for them.  The error analysis exercise is a one-page worksheet  (8 problems) that already has answers.  Some answers are correct, some are incorrect.  Students need to rework the page, identify the incorrect solutions, and explain the error in thinking.  Here is a link to the activity.  If you modify it, share your changes so I can learn from you!

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  1. I found you at Manic Monday - thanks for sharing! It might interest you to know that first graders are taught an (obviously!) elementary version of this, as In/Out Machines or Function Machines! We're getting them ready for you! :)

    Linda Nelson
    Primary Inspiration

    1. Hi Linda! Thank you for stopping by. I love the fact that first graders are working on Function Machines. What great fun! When I taught younger students we made our function machines out of cereal boxes.

      I'm one of very few secondary teachers on Manic Mondays ... I enjoy checking out the elementary blogs!

  2. Scenarios or things that illustrate functions