Thursday, July 25, 2013

Blogosphere ... Good Ideas Round 5

In the last week or two, I've run across so many interesting sites!  Here are just a few of them ...

Colleen Young is a mathematics specialist with a strong interest in IT as well.  She has created two amazing websites ... one is her blog, and the other is a collection of mathematics starters and plenaries (ending activities!).  Fair warning ... her sites are chock full of ideas, activities, and links to more ... reserve some time for exploration :)

Vi Hart calls herself a mathemusician!  Her website has numerous pictures and videos of mathematic amusements!  When students are saying math is just boring, they need an opportunity to see math at play.  This website is a good place to explore!

Last, many of us are participating in Jo Boaler's course, How to Learn Math.  I found some helpful information, documents to use in planning, and surveys and such to use with students at these two sites:  InspiringLearners and MindsetWorks.  At InpsiringLearners there is an awesome poster illustrating a fixed vs a growth mindset that could be used in classrooms.  At MindsetWorks there is a "growth mindset framing tool" ... a list of statements to help frame instruction and feedback using a growth mindset.  I plan to put the document in my planbook/calendar to use in preparing for classes.

OK ... I said "Last" in the last paragraph ... but one more resource that I found yesterday is  " provides a challenging intellectual environment to anyone with internet access and a passion for mathematics or physics. aims to become a hub of the world's most promising minds, where motivated thinkers can connect to each other and to opportunities to apply their talents." Registration is free. At registration you take a "test" to determine your level of algebra and physics skill. Each week you are presented with challenges to engage in math problem solving.  This site would be especially helpful if you work with gifted and talented students, a math club, or any group of students who just want to dig deeper in problem solving!

As you can see, I've spent way too much time this week surfing along various math webs.  I may need to unplug for a while but I love the exploration!

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