Thursday, April 25, 2013

a nickname

I've been stressing some lately over teacher/student relationships.  I know I am anxious about the state testing.  I have such high aspirations for my students ... want them to shine!  I keep telling them not to just aim for passing ... but really ... they should score at the "commended" level!

With all of those aspirations and that anxiety comes the need (?) for nagging, prodding, coercing ... and that's no fun.

And after all ... is a math teacher ever someone's favorite?

That's why today was sweeter, more satisfying than ever!  One of my students said, "Hey Mrs. Ferguson, is it OK if I call you "Fergie?"  I answered that students have called me that for 30 years.  So she reiterated her question ... and I said yes ... and beamed ... I felt I had arrived.  Finally ... here it is April ... students softened up enough to call me by a nickname ... a G-rated one!

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