Saturday, December 22, 2012

my students speak ...

I asked students to provide some feedback on our algebra class – anonymously.  It is interesting that across six classes, the thoughts are very similar.  I will review these ideas before our second semester begins …

 What is one thing you like about math or about our class?

  • It’s easy

  • I like trying to learn

  • My friends are in the class

  • Helps you learn about most things in life like money

  • Using the calculator

  • When I understand the material

  • I like how you can put math in everyday words

  • It’s fun to learn

  • The low degree of difficulty

  • It will help me in the future

  • Classmates are funny

  • I like that we have plenty of time to take our tests

  • I like that we learn well

  • I like the posters with notes that you hang around the class

  • The notes you give us

  • The active activities

  • We get rewarded

  • I like the way we do reviews

  • I like how the next topic fits in with the one we just learned

  • I like coming to morning tutorials

  • I like that we sit in groups and take notes

 What is one thing you don’t like about math or about our class?

  • The class is somewhat slow

  • It’s not helpful

  • It’s too long

  • It’s hard

  • It’s confusing

  • I don’t like having to write out everything

  • I don’t understand it

  • I don’t like when the teacher goes to fast

  • Some people are annoying

  • After you first teach us something, you expect us to know it

  • The math can get super boring

  • When I am trying to understand, I can get distracted

  • I can’t remember how to do a lot of the material until after a long time of struggling

  • Algebra is mostly pointless

  • Not being able to sit with who you want

  • Our class is noisy

  • A lot of people cheat in our class

  • Our classroom is cold

  • I don’t like quiet individual work

  • We don’t get a lot done

  • I don’t like that problems have tons of steps to get to the solutions

  • We go too fast

  • None of my friends are in the class

What can I do to help you learn Algebra better?

  • Use peers to help one another

  • By being fun

  • Take more time with the problems

  • Help me understand the questions

  • Do more activities

  • Keep me on task

  • Use more engaging activities

  • Nothing more than you are already doing

  • Explain more clearly

  • Provide food/candy

  • Use more visual learning

  • Go slower/explain more

  • Move faster – class is boring because you go too slowly

  • Keep having tutorials in the morning

  • Use pictures when you can

  • Use better activities

  • Do more homework in class so we can ask questions about it

 What can you do to help you learn Algebra better?

  • Try harder

  • Focus

  • Study more

  • Take the teacher’s advice

  • Attend tutorials

  • Pay attention in class

  • Listen when you are talking

  • Stay focused and care more

  • Start doing homework

  • Not be lazy

Hmmm ... how best to use these thoughts??

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