Friday, October 5, 2012

Simple lunches

Time to reflect on a favorite thing this week ... no particular math came to mind!  Instead my drive on the speedway, getting to wear jeans, and my simple lunches came to mind!

Simple lunches ... I take my lunch everyday.  The lunchroom on our campus is a mile away ... or at least it seems like a mile to me!  So I use plastic containers (to cut down on plastic baggies) and fill three of them with favorite foods.  Some of my choices are apples with almond butter; multigrain chips with guacamole; spinach with precooked fajita seasoned beef; crackers with tuna; crackers with jam; chips with hummus.  I splurge on individual sized packages of hummus (Tribe All-Natural Hummus Snacker Pack) and guacamole (Wholly Guacamole 100 cal Snack Pack) - both are great!  Everything else I pull off the shelf or out of the fridge ... to dump in a plastic bowl!

And when I don't have time to pull a lunch together .. Perfectly Simple protein bars by ZonePerfect ... are my go - to foods!  I keep them in my desk drawer!

So simple lunches ... what do you pack for lunch???

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