Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A demotion? No! Not at all!

"This is confusing!"  The HR specialist was looking at pages of service records trying to determine how many years of teaching could be credited to my account.  I'm off on a new adventure ... having been in education for 31 years ... 19 as a teacher and most recently, a school administrator for 12 years.  Now I am returning to the classroom as a ninth grade Algebra 1 teacher.

A demotion you ask?  No, not at all!  My husband and I moved this summer to live close to our children and grandchildren.  In the move I decided I wanted to return to my first love of teaching!  I thoroughly enjoyed the work of a principal - loved the variety, the challenges but I missed the close connections with students.  I missed finding multiple ways to fan the flame of interest in mathematics.  And so ... I sought a teaching position!

Today I signed paperwork, learned about my benefits, and met many other new teachers in the district.  In the room of about 30+ teachers I felt like the "grandma" for sure!   I also felt the camaraderie and energy of eager educators!  Loved it!

And then ... the best part of the day ... I went to my new classroom ... and imagined how I might make it an inviting environment for learning difficult material!

Ready for some creative dressing up!

I decided on a black and white geometric theme.  Over the next few days I'll share my decorating and planning efforts!

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  1. "fan the flame of interest". . . the greatest desire we have as educators. We will never be able to teach them everything they need. . . but if we can fan the flame. . .here's to it, Mrs. Ferguson!