Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Creating a Working Document for Quadratics Unit


I decided to try out a hyperlinked document to experiment with how to put together a unit for students.  I started with a familiar one.  I am working on a series of enrichment lessons for gifted middle schoolers who are already accelerated in basic math.  I found this "notebook" style to be challenging and yet, it may be useful.  

I'm curious how you are organizing lessons?

The part I struggled with is how students would keep notes, share thoughts and so on.  In the document above I refer to Padlet a couple of times.  And I do like that site for sharing whole class.

BUT just now I saw how one school created a Google Doc for a whole unit ... as a "scrapbook" for students to keep all of their unit work together.  I can't publish theirs here but in the next few days I want to create that kind of document for this unit.  We'll see how that goes :). (If you want to track down an example of the Google Doc scrapbook, check out this link ... high school integrated math 1.

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  1. Really cool. I try to do stuff like this too...I haven't seen with math yet. Great job!