Saturday, November 7, 2020

Writing in Math Class

In a conversation in a FB group about math, this list of writing topics was shared. Do you ask students to write in math class? Blog? Essay? Why or why not?

01] My Math Autobiography
02] When I Graduate, I Want To ...
03] Math in the Kitchen
04] A World Without Math (describe in detail)
05] Math and the Weather
06] Open Math Topic
07] My Favorite Thing (singular) About Math
08] What the Math Monster Might Say (draw a cartoon)
09] About My Q1 Project
10] Math and Sports
11] What Math Shape Am I? (choose shape, describe how you match its qualities)
12] Math and Smoking/Vaping
13] The Thing (singular) That Frustrates Me Most About Math...
14] Math and Vacations
15] Open Math Topic
16] Why is PEMDAS So Hard to Keep Straight?
17] Math Bumper Stickers (draw one funny, one thoughtful)
18] Dear Egbert, You Should Do Your Homework (to a friend)
19] Math of Buying/Owning a Car
20] About My Q2 Project
21] Are Boys or Girls Better At Math?
22] Open Math Topic
23] Math and Law Enforcement
24] I Want To Become Better at Math So That ....
25] Math and the Media
26] Math and Contagious Viruses
27] Why Are Word Problems Necessary?
28] Open Math Topic
29] My Math Day (encountered in a single day)
30] Math and Hospitality (restaurants, hotels, etc)
31] My Favorite Topic in This Course This Year
32] Dear BFF, Here's What to Expect in Mr./Mrs. --- Class Next Year.