Friday, August 14, 2020

#MTBoSBlaugust To Infinity and Beyond! An enrichment project idea

A favorite picture book is,Infinity and Me, by Kate Hosford.  If you haven't read it, do so!  If you teach math, buy it for your classroom.  Many of us teach sets of numbers early in the year.  We talk about infinity in domain and range.  Infinity is one of those topics that makes for a great enrichment project!

Here is an example of a "choice board" that you could use as a project in your class ...

You can access the Google Doc here ... just copy it to your Google Drive.


Complete three activities making a tic-tac-toe from the Choice Board.  Use at least three of the following resources. Create a reference page for the resources you use.

To INFINITY, and BEYOND! Choice Board
Define infinity for a 1st grader.  Define it for a 6th grader.  Define it for a high schooler.  How do your definitions change?


Explain the infinity symbol.  What is it’s name?  How did it originate?
palette-1482678_640.pngWhat does infinity look like to you? Draw a picture that captures infinity.
N. Angier says in her New York Times post, “... there are infinities, multiplicities of the limit-free that come in a vast variety of shapes, sizes, purposes and charms.”  What is meant by “different” infinities?
  Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 5.10.28 PM.pngSelect either the infinite hotel paradox or Zeno’s Paradox.  Write a story, poem, or essay about the one your choice.
       twins.pngWhat is a doppelgänger, and why does the existence of an infinite universe suggest yours might exist?
Make a list of quantities that you believe are infinite and present that list to a group of classmates. Invite your classmates to debate whether or not the quantities are finite or infinite, and if infinite, which kind of infinity.
Mime Tim Chartier uses movement to explore and express the idea of infinity. Watch his youtube video.  Then, create your own skit or mime to convey how you see infinity.
   infinite sum.png

Is it possible to find the sum of an infinite series?  Explain.

Reference:  Teaching the Mathematics of Infinity. (0604). Retrieved August 24, 2016, from

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