Monday, August 10, 2020

Structuring Lessons for Virtual Instruction

Structuring Lessons for Virtual Instruction

I'm working with a group of teachers about planning a differentiated lesson.  While discussing lesson planning, I realized that we go about that process differently, organize our work differently, create different styles of lesson plans.

On top of that, many teachers are planning for online delivery.  How might that look different from f2f classes?

While I have been teaching online for a university for 16 years, I do not have experience delivering classroom instruction K12 online.  So take my thoughts with a grain of salt :)

The first thing that is significant to me is organization.  Teachers and students are both flustered by technology.  How might lessons be organized so no one is guessing what to do, when to do it, where to find it?

A Hyperdoc might be a good idea at this point.  Hyperdocs can look different. I'm going to suggest a couple of ways of organizing lessons.

Borrowed from

I've used three different sets of labels to set up a basic Hyperdoc model.

In each of these models, the teacher plans out lessons inviting students to participate by accessing links, videos, forms, online tutorials, online practice, and more.  In addition students can snap and insert photos, respond and/or reflect right in the document itself.  It becomes not only an organizer for the lesson plan but also could be an organizer for brief notes for the student.

If you want to improve upon those Hyperdoc ideas ... check out Slides Mania's Hyperdoc Notebook ... You could create a notebook for each unit.  Her work is amazing and it is shared freely!

The last suggestion for organizing lessons is using Deck Toys!  This site is new to me but I enjoyed playing with it.  I created a sample lesson on Babylonian Numbers ... it's not great - just my first time.  By the way, you can embed video, require answering before continuing, embed Desmos, and Delta Math!  I also found several already created for secondary math!  You will want to check those out! Anyway ...if you are looking for a way to organize lessons this may be a great one!

How are you building lessons online?  What structure are you using?  What ideas might you share with a first year teacher?

By the way, I wrote about Lesson Planning Structures in a previous blog post.  You might find it interesting if you are new to lesson planning!

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