Saturday, July 15, 2017

10 First Day, First Week Blogs that Inspire Me!

10 First Day, First Week Blogs that Inspire Me!

You'll notice a theme throughout these 10 blog posts. Start the year, the very first day engaging students in discussion about math, about growth mindset, and doing math!  Doing math on the first day makes a statement about how every day in your classroom is about math, but it also emphasizes that they will be doing math ... not just hearing the teacher explain math.

I work for an online university now and then; recently I was working with a group of teachers on classroom management.  We reviewed 8 models of handling management and behavior ... all of which stated to explicitly attend to rules the first day of school.

I submit that if you are teaching middle/high school, students already know the rules. I like one rule - We are here to learn together. Don't disrupt or distract us from learning!

Spending a few minutes eliciting from students the common expectations in schools, discussing how all of those expectations boil down to the concept of respect is enough.  Then over the first week, walk students through your routine ... while doing math!

Or create a math activity that involves students reading the syllabus!

If you need a math activity, a resource for growth mindset, or just encouragement as you are planning your first days ... check out these 10 blogs!

Our First Day Message from Easing the Hurry Syndrome

First Day with Make It Stick, Jo Boaler and Plickers from I Speak Math

Why I Give My Students a System of 6 Equations to Solve on the First Day from Sara Vanderwerf

100 Numbers to Get Students Talking from Sara Vanderwerf

First Day of School from My Math Education Blog

Week 1 Talking Points Math Mindset from Math Minds

Spiralling Grade 9 Math from Mr. Orr is a Geek

What Do You Do on the First Day from dy/dan (the comments are a goldmine of ideas!)

Day One AP Stats and Honors Alg2 from Success

Guess My Rule from Math = Love

Other first week resources:
Algebra's Friend post on What To Do the First Week
Algebra's Friend First Week Bundle, TPT

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