Saturday, August 16, 2014

Room decor

I am still working on my classroom ... I made good progress today.  The boxes are empty, the drawers organized (not labeled yet), and the furniture arranged.  The basic bulletin boards are completed.  Here are a few pics:

On the outside of my door is a favorite poster, "Today became great when you arrived."  It's not just about arriving physically, but it's about showing up mentally and soulfully as well.  We have much work to do ... so the day is GREAT when you arrive ready to dive in!

Our building is old ... and the "fire blanket box" is there to stay. Fortunately the shelving fits behind the door.  The baskets are for student files.  We just put quizzes and unit tests in there so they are not huge files.  Right now I have art supplies on that shelving unit as well but I'm thinking about moving it.  I like these things right by the door because I can set them on the "pick-up" table nearby based on the day's activities.

This is the pick up table right next to the door.  Handouts and supplies will be there as students enter.  I also plan to have a quote a week in the frame.

The bulletin board is about growth mindset, learning zone, and grit. I know I'll leave this up for at least several weeks - maybe 2 marking periods - as we get used to reflecting on our thinking, frustration levels, and learning zone.

You see an old pencil sharpener in the picture without its cover - that will come down next week!

Hanging above the board and bulletin board is one of two banners.  I teach advanced students (1 and 2 years ahead ... even one 8th grader in algebra 2 this year).  They have not had to apply much grit in their learning path.  Instead math often comes very easy to them.  Last year I noticed that when challenged some students became agitated. I hope to challenge them more this year and help them understand better the need for perseverance.

The view from the doorway across the front of the room ... whiteboards, screen, small desk for computer and doc camera, printer (I hope they don't take it away - not all rooms get one), and my "fake" window!

It looks small on these huge walls. But it is a peaceful outdoor scene to provide some reminder of life outside these four walls. I realize now that having no windows makes for huge wall space.  Almost too much ... 

The back corner of the room will be supplies for students - paper, graph paper, etc.  I'll also create a place there for extra copies, for picking up missed assignments.  There are plenty of organizers there ... just not labeled yet.

The area under the clock is a sink - benefit of being in an old science room. That will be my coffee/tea station. And a place for students to refill water bottles.

These small posters remind students about our classroom norms - my version of rules.

The function bulletin board turned out well.  It doesn't have a caption yet ... still working on lettering. It is a permanent board ... livens up the room!

I'm using the science desk as my "teacher" desk.  The side facing the students was a bit rough but now it looks nice with free posters from AMS.

I'm still deciding about the chalkboard behind my desk.  I want to invite student art there. We'll see.

The bulletin board near the door has the basic school information on it. I refer to the calendar, 3 schedules, and lunch information often - as do students.

I still have a LOT of wall space.  I have some ideas for part of it - mostly borrowed from my online PLN ... amazing posters and more!

I no longer feel like an alien in the room.  It's coming together.


  1. Just wondering if you can tell me where you got all these wonderful posters? I am always looking for new posters for my rom and love these. Thanks.

    1. I made all of those from "stuff" I found online. I can send you the pdfs if you want them.