Saturday, August 16, 2014

#MTBOS Challenge: First Five Days

Oh yea ... I'll join the challenge!

First five days ... for us that is equivalent to two weeks of school and almost completing the first unit on foundations of functions!

We are on an A/B block schedule, 90 minutes every other day for 180 days (90 class days).

Day 1 we jump right in by collecting data. We'll spend a few minutes on eliciting information from students to help me get to know them by using the sticky note idea that Sherrie wrote about, and very few minutes on the syllabus.

Day 2 we will explore the attributes of functions ... focusing on function notation, domain, and range.  I wrote about this lesson here.  We start with a semantic analysis task, then notes, a reciprocal learning activity, and a card sort.

Day 3 & 4 will be about transformations.  I'll introduce Desmos and we will explore how a, h, and k affect functions.

Day 5 is all about parent functions - summarizing key attributes in a matrix. I wrote about that lesson here.  On this day we will start with noticing and wondering, an introduction to that strategy.

I have gone back and forth on how to engage students in numeracy activities on these first days.  I think I'm going to start with Counting Circles - because everyone can join in. There should be no fear ... I want to hear every voice.  After these five days, I'll move to number strings or number talks.

We are a 1:1 school in grades 9 and 10 but my students won't get their laptops until mid-September. So our technology will be limited to TI 83, 84's and the online tools that I demonstrate.

After Day 5, we will be reviewing for our first summative assessment.  Students are usually a bit surprised by the depth of the first assessment ... so I'm hoping to better prepare them for that experience!

BTW ... Our first day is still a week away ... so these plans could change!


  1. Love this first 5 day plan! Is this for an Algebra II or the next level course? I attended a TI-Inspire workshop this summer and they shared some fantastic tools for exploring domain and range. I don’t have a class set of these calculators, so I modeled some Geogebra tools based on the ones they presented. Not sure if these presentations will be helpful, but I get so many great ideas from your blog that I wanted to share just in case.

    You can preview and play with the tools in this blogpost:

    You can link to the geogebratube version of these tools in the spreadsheet. You don't have to have Geogebra installed to use them, since they are web based. All of the titles for these presentations begin with domain and range.

    1. Hi Shelley! Thanks for writing a comment :) This is for Algebra 2 (pre-ap). We introduce functions and then we spend almost the rest of the year spiraling through 6 or 7 functions ... exploring graphs first and then solving related problems. I am not adept at geogebra yet but I love Desmos! I'll check out your presentations!

  2. Love your plans Beth. I would like to use Desmos more this year, but need to get myself more comfortable with it. Did use it a few times last yr when my accel 7th students got to the 8th gr curriculum. Thanks for participating in the challenge!