Sunday, August 24, 2014

#MTBOS Challenge: Sunday Summary

3 - 2- 1 Sunday Summary

We've been in teacher prep meetings all week!

3 things that happened this week ... 

  1. Our school leaders shared their vision and the key emphases for our school.  Not surprising they are writing, critical thinking, giving good feedback, using technology effectively!
  2. Our PLC met and developed our group norms.  Our team has four returning teachers and three new teachers.  Two of the new teachers are new to teaching.  Our school emphasizes working together; we use a backwards design process; we give common quizzes and tests.
  3. I finished my room ... all but labeling the drawers and cabinets. 

2 things on my to-do list ... 

  1. I have plans for the first several lessons but I haven't written them out. I want to write out my plans clearly identifying warm-ups and critical thinking questions. 
  2. We use several technology tools - I need to upload student rosters to them.  

1 BIG thing for the coming week ... 

  1. My students come on TUESDAY!  I can't wait!!

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