Saturday, December 14, 2013

Encouraging Hunter!

A week ago, Hunter Garstin, young teenage son of a teacher friend, broke his neck in a wrestling match.

After surgery, a stay in the hospital, he has been accepted at the Shepherd Center in Atlanta.  He arrived there Friday.

He has a long journey of rehabilitation ahead of him.

I would love for you to join me in praying for Hunter and encouraging him in his journey.  It won't matter that you don't know him personally.

You can read about his story on Facebook:  Prayers for Hunter Garstin

Give him a shout on Twitter, email an encouraging word, or mail a Christmas card!

TWITTER: Give Hunter a shout out to @huntergarstin 

EMAIL: Send messages to 

MAIL: With Christmas right around the corner we would love to paper his rehab room walls with cards. Please send cards, letters and well wishes for Hunter as well as any other correspondence to Hunter Garstin PO Box 680249 Franklin, TN 37068 

PHONE: Please feel free to text Hunter at (678)929-8090. 


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