Saturday, November 7, 2020

Writing in Math Class

In a conversation in a FB group about math, this list of writing topics was shared. Do you ask students to write in math class? Blog? Essay? Why or why not?

01] My Math Autobiography
02] When I Graduate, I Want To ...
03] Math in the Kitchen
04] A World Without Math (describe in detail)
05] Math and the Weather
06] Open Math Topic
07] My Favorite Thing (singular) About Math
08] What the Math Monster Might Say (draw a cartoon)
09] About My Q1 Project
10] Math and Sports
11] What Math Shape Am I? (choose shape, describe how you match its qualities)
12] Math and Smoking/Vaping
13] The Thing (singular) That Frustrates Me Most About Math...
14] Math and Vacations
15] Open Math Topic
16] Why is PEMDAS So Hard to Keep Straight?
17] Math Bumper Stickers (draw one funny, one thoughtful)
18] Dear Egbert, You Should Do Your Homework (to a friend)
19] Math of Buying/Owning a Car
20] About My Q2 Project
21] Are Boys or Girls Better At Math?
22] Open Math Topic
23] Math and Law Enforcement
24] I Want To Become Better at Math So That ....
25] Math and the Media
26] Math and Contagious Viruses
27] Why Are Word Problems Necessary?
28] Open Math Topic
29] My Math Day (encountered in a single day)
30] Math and Hospitality (restaurants, hotels, etc)
31] My Favorite Topic in This Course This Year
32] Dear BFF, Here's What to Expect in Mr./Mrs. --- Class Next Year.

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  1. lol, this was my list that I shared in that group! I have my students write in math because they need to be able to make the connections to the everyday world and math. They need to see that math is not just about numbers and letters, but it is also about the ability to interpret those numbers and letters and use common knowledge to explain certain items.