Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Curated Ideas for Engaging Students from a Distance


 Today I saw a slide show how to engage students in distance learning.  There are quite a few ideas curated from various blogs and such.  The presentation is not original with me.  I am sharing it with permission of the author.  The Facebook group where I saw it is a public group called Amazing Educational Resources. 

I hope that some of the ideas in the presentation are helpful to all of you working so hard to capture the hearts and minds of your students while delivering required content ... from a computer screen.  No easy feat for sure!

If you want to download the presentation, click here and make a copy.


  1. Hi! The link gives a message that google docs won't connect. Is that on my end or yours? :)

    1. Hey Tina ... it works for me. Try this direct link ... please make a copy: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1a0H6LW-tCJ1vr4XUfYhKVf47bj4S7b5lExEu4wOYxOE/edit?usp=sharing