Saturday, January 2, 2016

An "Observed" Lesson

We have a new teacher evaluation system this year.  It is a set of rubrics ... not significantly different from previous years.  The big difference is that now there are 2 formal observations - one announced, one not announced.

I volunteered for my announced visit in December.  We have been studying polynomials - and students have been working hard to pull together several concepts from graphs and factors to roots of the equations.

Previous lessons had addressed polynomial operations, division and factoring specifically.  This lesson was near the end of the unit.

Here are the three activities:

Making Connections: Polynomial Theorems
Slides from ClassKick Activity
Desmos Discussion Activity

Students did well in the unit.  The assessment results were high.  We will continue our study of polynomials in January for a few more class days.  First we will review graphs, then look at polynomial models.

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