Sunday, November 16, 2014

NaBloPoMo #12 Saturday

This past week I took a grading "holiday"  ... I saved all the papers this week to grade on the weekend.  You ask, "Why would you do that?"  I knew I had six to eight hours of grading.  I was tired this past week and cramming hours of grading at night on top of teaching each day wasn't working for me.  I do a side job with a university and I decided to give that work priority over my high school math grading.

But then as the weekend loomed I needed something fun to do in between the grading frenzies.  So ... here is a recounting a teacher's Friday/Saturday ... 

Friday night,  my son cooked dinner.  He made an amazing beef stew.  He is trying out sous vide cooking and I'm a lucky beneficiary.  Later that evening, my husband and I slipped over to the local movie theater to catch Birdman.  The story is a bit disturbing but the artistic rendering is amazing.  The acting was excellent.  I loved the drumming theme in particular.

Saturday  morning I started in on the grading - graded 25% of the papers before I allowed myself to move on.  We have a glassed in patio - my favorite spot!  I feel like I'm outside but I'm protected from the cold and creepy crawlies.  A cup of coffee, some colored pens ... green, purple ... and a stack of papers ... mostly really good test papers, I might add, filled those first hours.

Our youngest grandson has his third birthday this weekend so mid-morning Saturday we dropped by the park to say hello at his party.  We'll have a family party later today, so yesterday was just about seeing him amongst his friends.  He's a cutie for sure!  We asked him how old he was.  He said I'm two.  I said I thought you were three - it's your birthday.  He said, not yet, it's not my real birthday yet.  

Then it was off to the East Austin Studio Tour.  I love art of all types, and I especially like to meet the artists and learn a bit about their work.  The weather was not conducive to walking (cold and rainy) so we chose a small East Austin neighborhood to visit ... where about a dozen artists were showing off their studios and work.  I loved the pixellated painting, the mosaics, and the fabric pictures.  I wanted to see more - but decided to visit again next weekend.  The weather is supposed to be much nicer!

The hubs had made reservations at one of our favorite restaurants on the east side of town ... and so a late lunch was a great way to top of the day so far!  I had pulled pork enchiladas with creamy verde sauce ... and they were quite perfect!

Time was marching on ... I still needed a trip to the grocery store.  It was time to bake the birthday cake for that cute three year old!  And I needed to finish making the almond milk.  I eat a nuts and seeds combo for breakfast most morning with almond milk and I've been hearing that making my own milk would give a better product. 

It was after 5 pm ... time to enjoy the next stack of papers.  I graded the next 25% of the papers while catching on a couple of TV shows off of Netflix.  I love Parenthood.  I just finished season 5.  Season 6 is not free yet ... debating whether to give in to the cost or wait a bit.

It's now Sunday morning ... time for church, the family dinner/birthday party ... and then the other papers ... must tackle them while football takes over the TV screen!

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