Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Student blogging ... excited to share!

Student blogging ... excited about the possibilities!  Sharing a post written today by one of my students ...

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Math in the news
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While looking through the news, I found an interesting article about sharks and math. A bio researcher named  Andy Reynolds believed to have discovered a way that sharks use math in their everyday lives. He wrote “Sharks trap their prey using what’s known as Lévy flight”. Lévy flight is a mathematical description of an ideal way of moving from one position to another using both long and short hops. Reynolds states that while he was looking over his computer simulations he compared the way sharks moved to his data. Reynolds suspects that sharks wind up using  Lévy flight due to turbulence in the water. Andy Reynolds also has a theory that some behavior in other animals may not be what it appears. I found this article to be so intersting considering that fact that there is so much people have not discovered. It makes me wonder, what else is waiting to be discovered? If you want to read the full artice go to the link below.
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  1. Mrs. FergusonMrs. Ferguson
    Whoa, Kristen. You introduced me to a new mathematical term. I’ve not heard of Lévy flight before. I did a quick Google search. It’s quite complicated and falls in the math of fractals. I also see that it is used by many researchers including Homeland Security, health organizations studying the spread of disease and more.

    You are so correct – there is a world waiting to be discovered! What area of study are you interested in pursuing over the next several years??
    • Kristen J.Kristen J.
      Hi Mrs. Ferguson, 
      It made me feel so great that you enjoyed my blog post! I definitely want to go to college to study something STEM related. My current goal is to become a doctor or something in the health science field and I know increasing my knowledge in math is going to be a huge part of accomplishing that goal.

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