Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Gushing over Edpuzzle

So ... yesterday I saw half my students.  We had  a great day.  You can read a snippet about it here - my 180 blog.

I gave students a two part homework assignment.  They had to read a short New York Times article on data ... called When the Data Struts Its Stuff.  We collected data using a simple activity on our first day and the purpose of the homework was to emphasize the importance of data analysis in our world.  Students will answer a few questions in their notebook ... the questions were provided by New York Times Learning Network.

The second part of the homework was to watch 3 short videos that introduce our next lesson.  Two of the videos were on youtube - created by a teammate.  The third video I embedded in Edpuzzle - my new favorite online tool!  Not all students have completed the assignment yet (they don't return to class until Thursday) but already I'm gushing at the quality of this product.  Here are a few take-aways ... 

  1. It's easy ... find a video or create your own and upload.
  2. As you play the video stop wherever you want to add a question.
  3. Mathtype is available as is cut and paste from a document.
  4. You can set up the video so students can't skip ahead - they have to play the whole thing to get to the next questions.
  5. Students get feedback as they complete the assignment.
  6. The reporting is amazing.  Program tells you how many times a student watches a segment. It shows you the questions, the student's answer, and the correct answer if the student is wrong.  It's all color coded. It's graded.
  7. If you use open ended questions, there is a place to write a comment when scoring them. 
I can't wait to use Edpuzzle more effectively for note, quizzes, and homework!
In a few days I'll collect feedback from my students ... I'm hoping they find it helpful!

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