Monday, July 14, 2014

#70Days - Fun Math Facts and More!


We are out of town ... visiting family and friends.  Today was particularly sweet - had the opportunity to meet up with a teacher friend and chat for a couple of hours.  She is an amazing primary teacher with a varied background in education.  Loved the quiet moments of conversation!

Internet time is short ... just time enough to make notes about a few resources ... 

This year I want to list a fun math fact or interesting math note at least weekly.  I found these sites:

Did you know ...     This is an interesting list of math information - each point has a link to more information.

Math Fun Facts     Each fun fact is a puzzle or a short article to enrich the classroom.  You can also get a URL for a random math fact to post on the class website!

Math Facts             This is a short list - less than 15 facts - 

Math Facts for Kids  This site has quotes, jokes, teasers, historical facts, information on mathematicians, and other number facts.

Do you have a way to organize the peripherals - like quotes, fun facts, jokes, drawings - that make your classroom interesting?


  1. Love this list, love this idea! Thanks, Beth!
    When I had a classroom, I posted a quote (usually non-math-y) each week on my board. I tried to be purposeful about picking the quote, and during the week, I found time to address it or talk about it. I kept a folder (old school) of favorite quotes found, and students often contributed their favorites, too. This year, I tried "Fun Fact Friday" as a warm-up, and I would find a bit of trivia to share, and I would also allow students to use their devices to look up something interesting to share. This is where I envision using your links shared above, and I hope my "fun facts" will now be more math related! Thanks again!

    1. Thank you, Kathryn! I need to add a little more fun into my classroom this year in the little things. I'm hoping I'll have some students who will help me with quotes, facts, and drawings. I'd like to go through these and make posters (for that file!) but summer is moving awfully fast :)