Monday, June 9, 2014

Twitter convo --> #mathread --> #made4math!!

OK, so I didn't sleep well last night ... I think I was tweeting in my sleep!

There was this great conversation on Twitter last night.  It started with a simple question about a particular math book and the need for higher algebra 1 achievement.  It evolved into a discussion about bellringers, and the next thing we know we are talking about reading in math class.  Here is a copy of our conversation!

Out of that conversation came this idea to collect articles, essays, stories, books even that we use in our classroom.  Yes, reading activities in math!  My #made4math contribution is the product of teamwork on Twitter ... thanks to @pamjwilson, @druinok, and @mathequalslove!

I find this whole discussion particularly interesting since one of the goals I wrote on my end of year evaluation was to use more reading passages in my Algebra 2 classes.  We just began working with AVID strategies this past year and had a emphasis on writing.  I used Math Munch for explorations in math and had students write short reflections in Edmodo.  That worked well.  Late in the year I asked them to read an essay on conics as a preview to our unit and tweet interesting ideas (#conicsfun) that they learned.  That activity seemed to help them make connections between our work and real-world applications.  (And of course, conics is an easy topic for connections!)  It was at that point that I realized I needed more reading passages!

So here we are ... it's time for all math teachers to share!  What reading passages, essays, news articles, stories, or books do you use in your classroom?  Would you fill in the form?  You'll have access to all the results! Our Form: #mathread

Thank you!

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