Sunday, July 7, 2013

Using Card Sorts in Math Class

I like to use card sorts in my math classroom. I've been working on various sets. Recently I created a card sort for identifying the difference between linear and nonlinear functions. The card sort has 20 cards - 12 equations and 8 tables. Get the link below to the set of cards!

When I use card sorts, I don't always tell students the categories I'm looking for. I might tell them how many categories I want them to create. Keeping the categories open allows for a rich discussion about what they see on the cards, and how they choose to sort them. It allows students to show off their understanding of math vocabulary and to make connections that I might not have thought of.

A card sort can be used at several different levels. It can be used as a discovery activity, a pre-test, and a post-test. The sort can be used as both a formative and a summative activity. The card sort works well if you use math stations. Students can work on the card sorts individually or in pairs. Sorts can be glued into notebooks, or checked as they are completed on the desk.

After sorting the cards, I like to ask students to create another set of cards - for each category. In creating their own set, they demonstrate understanding of the concepts. You can use student create cards for additional practice during the unit!

Check out the card sort ... it's free ... try it and let me know how it works for you!
On my Google Drive
In my TpT Store

PS ... How would you use this card sort?  What cards would you add?  What concepts work well as a sorting activity?

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  1. Awesome! I wish there had been more activities like this when I was younger! Thank you for the freebie--it's a little much for my classroom of 3rd graders but I can use it with the older kids I tutor. :)

    ~ Veronica

    1. Hi Veronica ... thanks for stopping by. Definitely use this with your tutoring kids. I have a few other freebies at my TpT store that you might want to check out as well.

      Funny ... I teach high school and tutor elementary students. I'm on the lookout for activities for grades 2, 3, and 5. I've started to create a few as well.

  2. Love this! We did something similar 7th graders, but they also had cards with a word problem and graph on them. We did it in our proportions lesson, but we hadn't gotten to algebra yet so matching the formula was the hardest one for them. Thanks for the freebie!


    1. Hi Melissa - thank you for stopping by! Love card sorts of all kinds. Your comment may inspire me to work on some word problems to match with equations, graphs, and solutions!

      I may have some other activities (including free ones) at my TpT store that would be useful for middle school!

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