Friday, July 12, 2013


Today has been a BIG day in my blogging world.  Danielle at Busy Little Brainiacs nominated me for a Liebster Award which was fun to blog about!  And then I learned that one of my posts is featured in the Math Blog Carnival!

A maths carnival is [like] the shop-front of the mathematics blogging world — a reason for us all to get together and celebrate everything that we are proud of in our little corner of the web. Other people compare a blog carnival to a magazine’s table of contents, which can direct you to a wide variety of articles. The articles are written by different people, but they are all tied together by the theme/focus/area-of-interest that defines the magazine.
Check out Math Teachers at Play #64 at Mathematical Mischief to find a variety of fun posts from elementary to the more complex maths!

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