Monday, May 27, 2013

I am thinking of a number ... eureka!

Students love to unravel “I’m thinking of a number” puzzles! 

Use these puzzles to introduce solving equations intuitively. Or use these puzzles after students have learned how to translate words into equations. Either way, your students will enjoy the work while reinforcing basic solving skills.The puzzles relate to these common core math standards:
  • CCSS.Math.Content.5.OA.A.2 Write simple expressions that record calculations with numbers, and interpret numerical expressions without evaluating them. For example, express the calculation “add 8 and 7, then multiply by 2” as 2 × (8 + 7). Recognize that 3 × (18932 + 921) is three times as large as 18932 + 921, without having to calculate the indicated sum or product.
  • CCSS.Math.Content.6.EE.B.6 Use variables to represent numbers and write expressions when solving a real-world or mathematical problem; understand that a variable can represent an unknown number, or, depending on the purpose at hand, any number in a specified set.
  • CCSS.Math.Content.7.EE.B.4 Use variables to represent quantities in a real-world or mathematical problem, and construct simple equations and inequalities to solve problems by reasoning about the quantities.
  • CCSS.Math.Content.8.EE.C.7 Solve linear equations in one variable.
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  1. Thank you for the freebie! My students LOVE brain teasers and challenging math problems. This will be perfect for them.

    I found your blog through Maniac Mondays :)

    1. Thanks, Breanne, for stopping by! Yesterday was my first contribution to Maniac Mondays. I look forward to participating there more often.

      If your students enjoy the puzzles there is another set at my TpT store - on sale through the end of today.

      I look forward to visiting your website!