Saturday, May 25, 2013


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I have read recently that some bloggers object to teachers selling their own materials.  The main argument I've seen the most is that teachers should collaborate to improve our craft.  And I wholeheartedly agree.  Collaboration is a key in our profession.

With that in mind, I collaborate in many ways.  I obviously work with my colleagues in my current work location to develop teaching ideas, activities to promote quality achievement.  I also participate in blogging, sharing ideas, and materials.  The online blogosphere is amazing.  I enjoy learning from and adding to that community.  I also work with a university community in which teachers work together to learn, grow, and share.

So why do I also sell my work?

As an administrator, working with many teachers over the past ten years, I have realized that teachers come to the profession with different ambitions and strengths.  Some teachers are very creative in developing their own ideas.  Others are awesome at planning using a variety of resources.  And there are other teachers who are good teachers who find planning difficult.  They are easily overwhelmed by multiple resources.  They want suggestions for two or three good activities to deliver content and from there they are good to go.  That's why many teachers are dependent on textbooks.

Teachers need, should have choices.
  • The most limiting thing a teacher can do is to turn to textbooks and follow along.  
  • Teachers can search the Internet for awesome teaching ideas.  
  • For those that find searching tedious or time-consuming or for those that need a finished product, they can go to Teachers pay Teachers to find ready-made templates, activities, yes, even worksheets.
Should consultants consult for free?  Why do they charge $1000, $2000 for workshops?  Should textbook companies provide resources for free?  Should educational publishing houses provided resources for free?  Why shouldn't teachers who wish to work extra (beyond the planning, administrating, grading for their own classrooms) have the opportunity to sell quality materials?

I love the online community of teachers.  I learn daily from the list of bloggers I follow through Feedly.  Learning and collaborating with others is enriching my teaching, inspiring me even ... after 30+ years!  Even those that may disagree with me challenge my thinking and keep me growing!

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