Sunday, August 16, 2020

Always Sometimes Never ... which is it for you?

Always, Sometimes, Never are statements that allow students to justify thinking using prediction, inference, and testing hypotheses.  Several summers ago I began curating ASN statements.  Today I updated the Almost Sometimes Never blog site to make it more user friendly.

Originally, I set up the site to be used one slide at a time.  There are 179 statements in 13 categories: Absolute Value, Conic Sections, Exponential Functions, Financial Literacy, Functions, Geometry, Linear Equations, Number Properties, Polynomials, Real Number System, Systems of Equations, Trigonometry, and Trig Identities. 

But I realized that you may want several slides and it's a pain to copy them one by one.  So today, I created a page with LINKS to SLIDE SHOWS ... one for each topic.  You can make a copy of my slide shows ... embed them in your assignments.  I hope this will make the site more useful to everyone.

I've been thinking about expanding the site.  @PamJWilson tweeted about using ASN statements and wrote about using NON-Math ASN statements today in her blog post ... and is creating a shared document.  What a great idea to continue collecting, sharing, posting ASN statements ... mathy ones, non-mathy ones!

When using ASN statements ... 
  • encourage students to talk math with one another, agreeing, questioning each other, helping others to think through their reasoning
  • suggest that students consider working through examples, use modeling, tables, graphs, equations to justify their work
  • ask probing questions to help students clarify their thinking or to develop their vocabulary
  • possibly review expected vocabulary before beginning the activity
  • obviously the key is for all students to explain their thinking!
What is a favorite Always, Sometimes, Never statement or instructional routine that you might share with us?

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