Saturday, August 24, 2019

Secondary Math FREE Online Resources!

FIVE by FIVE to Bookmark!

Do you sometimes fall down the rabbit hole of the Internet looking for that one "perfect" illustration/exercise/lesson idea to ensure student success??  I know I have on more occasions than I care to count!

My hope is to offer ideas for places to go online for ideas ... to save you time, and to provide strong mathematically engaging lessons!  Check these out ...

ONE: Free Online Interactivities
Why explore these?  Use an interactivity to help students visualize the topic in math.  Use it as a differentiation tool to meet diverse learning needs.  Use it as an introductory exploration tool before teaching the skill of the day.  Use it to spark interest in math.

-- Utah 7 - 12 Student Interactives
-- Math Interactives - Learn Alberta
-- NRich Topics in Secondary Math
-- PhET Interactive Simulations
-- Wolfram Demonstrations Project

TWO:  Free Online Virtual Filing Cabinets
Many teachers have collected favorite activities and ideas together in virtual filing cabinets.  Check out these particular cabinets ... maybe one of these will be a go-to collection!  (There are so many others ... too many to list!)

-- Sam Shah's Virtual Filing Cabinet
-- Mr. Orr's Collection
-- Sandra Miller's Live Binder - so many ideas!
-- KFouss ... Precalculus;   Algebra 2Algebra 1
-- Algebra's Friend Virtual Filing Cabinets... Algebra 1;  Algebra 2

THREE:  3-Act Math Tasks
It could be that someone has already designed a 3-act math task perfect for the topic or skill coming up next week ...

-- D. Meyer:  A Collection by Dan Meyer
-- A. Stadel:  Andrew Stadel 3-Act Math Tasks
-- D. Ehlert:  When Math Happens Collection
-- G. Fletchy:  Mostly Elementary Collection
-- Multiple Authors:  Tasks Collected by Kyle Pearce

FOUR:  Ready-Made Sites for Mathematical Thinking
These sites make perfect daily warm-ups to ignite mathematical thinking!

--  Which One Doesn't Belong
--  Estimation 180;  Between Two Numbers
--  Visual Patterns
--  Math Talks Fraction Talks
--  Always, Sometimes, Never

FIVE: Collections of Desmos Activities!
Copy to your own Desmos account and modify as needed!

-- Desmos Bank of activities
-- Desmos  File Cabinet
-- Desmos collected activities
-- Engaging Math Desmos Activities
-- Math Cathy's collection of Desmos Activities

When all else fails ... search math blogs for your topic!   You'll be amazed at what is available!!
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