Friday, August 4, 2017

Sharing my goals

I've been thinking about this post for a few days now ... and it's not getting any easier to write!  So here goes ... 

One wise administrator told us some time ago that setting too many goals was like having no goals at all.  Too many goals ... like too many irons in the fire ... simply distract, and dilute efforts.  It's difficult to pin down goals ... but today I identify with three ... 

(1) Professionally, I want to encourage, support, mentor teachers.  I hope to accomplish this goal in at least 2 ways ... one by curating good ideas in my blog and the other by volunteering in local classrooms. If I can help you ... I'm more than willing to try!

(2) Professionally and personally to continue learning ... by reading professional literature, participating in Twitter chats, engaging in conversations with teachers about the art and science of teaching and learning.

(3) Last, to live in the present ... enjoying quiet mornings, serendipitous opportunities, laughter with grandchildren, appreciating this season of life!

I relate well to weekly challenges ... love this opportunity for #SundayFunday!


  1. Your administrator does sound wise! When I started reading Math Twitter 3 years ago, there was an idea going around that you should aim to change 10% a year. I don't really know how well justified the exact percentage was, but I found it so freeing. It stopped me from being overwhelmed with the idea I should be changing EVERYTHING at once (which would have resulted in paralysis and changing nothing).

    1. Hi Julie! Yes!! Using 10% as a gauge is a good way to make adjustments slowly, thoughtfully, without overwhelming or paralyzing us!

      What 10% will you work on this year?