Thursday, April 13, 2017

Reading - for fun and to download in my brain!

Sometimes a girl just needs to settle down with a book and enjoy life.

This past year a colleague in my school here, and friends on Twitter mentioned the Maisie Dobbs series. I am enjoying those books still. I read other books along the way, so right now I'm on book 9 of the series.

In the past I wouldn't have said I like historical fiction but I enjoy these. The books are set after WWI and before WWII. Each story has a theme of friendship, along with a mystery. The books aren't the riproaring gotta turn the next page kind of book - or at least not for me. Instead they are thoughtful - maybe even a little slow - they remind me of a British made for TV series.

Recently I saw an ad for a book targeted for people who enjoy Maisie Dobbs. Mr. Churchill's Secretary is similar to the Maisie Dobbs series in that it is set in a similar timeframe. The main character, Maggie, has put her enrollment in MIT on hold. She's a mathematician. YES! She's gone to London to settle the estate of a family member. In the process she stays a while and becomes a secretary to Mr. Churchill. If you like the Maisie Dobbs series, you might like this book (it's also a series) although the writing style is much different.

While I'm mentioning books, I wonder have you seen the Modern Mrs. Darcy website?  It's a treasure trove for readers!  Check it out.

This week's post in particular caught my eye!  The Modern Mrs. Darcy identifies 7 books she wishes she could imprint on her brain.  She writes, "When it comes to these 7 titles, I want every word to sink into my brain and permeate my worldview, because I think my life would be better for it."  Don't you wonder what 7 books she listed?  I did!  Now I feel the challenge to list my 7 books that I wish I could download into my brain!

And that leads me to this question ... what 7 books do you think every teacher should have in their heart and mind?  Let's make a list!  Will you help me?  Name one book in the comments you believe every teacher should read ...


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    1. I agree. It's still the number one book I recommend to teachers to read!


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