Saturday, August 6, 2016

#MTBoSBlaugust Weekend Edition ... lists!

I have run across favorite articles published in the last week or two ... great ideas for getting ready for school!

13 Things To Do Before School Starts!

Three ideas that caught my eye!

  1. Set up your Google Voice Number
  2. Put your substitute folder in the "cloud"
  3. Create a digital folder for the current year - copy documents from previous year to add to the folder when needed

McCarthy's list is amazing.  It's in a Google Spreadsheet - check it out!

We know about Google Classroom, Padlet, and Google Forms!  What about ... Storify? SnagIt? or Edynco?  There are so many more tools!

Find out about transformational teaching, sponge activities and 53 checks for understanding!

How do you involve students in curriculum decisions?

Yes ... there's even a list of shopping opportunities for teachers preparing for school!  In our area it's tax free weekend!  Time to take advantage of sales!

Do you have a favorite list?

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