Friday, May 6, 2016

Gratitude - #MTBoS30 - 6

So grateful for educators in my life ... past and present.

My high school English teachers were amazing ... one loved theater, and taught with flair; the other loved literature and challenged us to think deeply about what we read.

My choral instructor, Lou Sawyer, was amazing, uber talented.  He held us to such high standards, yet taught with compassion and humor.  Loved him!

My primary instructor in my Master's program ... Dr. Joyce VanTassel-Baska.  I can't begin to share all I learned from her.  I remember my first class, the first night.  I knew in that moment that my professional journey was on a new trajectory.

Negative voices as well ... the counselor who said I shouldn't take algebra in 8th grade, the dean who said all elementary majors had to minor in reading - not math as I was requesting, the principal who said I would make a terrible administrator.  Yes, I am grateful for the negative voices, which caused me to listen carefully along they way, to examine my strengths for myself.  Those voices spurred me to study, to prepare, to take "life-long" learning to heart.

I'm grateful for my colleagues, fellow teachers with whom I partnered, some with whom I had the opportunity to supervise teaching.

Kaye taught me that history is all about story.  And she is a masterful storyteller.

Rosemary taught me that grammar is essential - which she taught with old fashioned fervor!  Her passion spurred students to do well.  She encouraged me to become an administrator - a position I learned to love.

Dianne and Pat, two amazing kindergarten teachers, taught me about the joy of teaching the littles.  Their classrooms were filled with joy, laughter, love for learning ... and their children knew they were well loved.

Jo Ann, who died much too young from cancer - taught me about dying gracefully.

Joy, whose passion for literacy is both exhilarating and exhausting, taught me to study research, to know what works and why it works.

Connie, an amazing school leader, who taught me the value of support, collaboration, friendship.

And these are only a few, I could go on ... so many educators, dear people I call friends!

This is my retirement year.  My bucket is full!

I am blessed to have been taught by and worked with so many awesome teachers!

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