Monday, May 23, 2016

Final classes ... #MTBoS30 - 23

We are in our last week before exams.  We have been reviewing bits and pieces for the past two weeks while at the same time exploring sequences and series.

Today I pulled together a quick review on function transformations in Quizizz and put several "puzzle" problems in ClassKick, our favorite iPad app.

Students worked with partners.

The feature I like about Quizizz is being able to "teleport" questions from published quizzes.  Obviously if someone has already entered questions similar to the ones I need, it's a real bonus to drag those into the quiz I'm making!  (I hope others find questions I've entered to be helpful!)

Today's Quizizz was on function transformations.  The questions were pretty basic, straightforward.  Two questions tripped students up ... and yes, the concept that got them was the same!  Both were examples of a horizontal dilation and a horizontal shift.  It's too late now ... but I'm making notes in our curriculum folder about developing better presentations/practice on horizontal dilations!

After the brief exam review, we shifted to ClassKick and a set of puzzle problems.  I used a couple of mobiles from SolveMe Mobiles.  I was surprised that students hadn't worked this type of puzzle before ... and I immediately regretted that I had not used them this year.  I chose "advanced" puzzles on purpose - to challenge students' thinking.  This puzzle in particular stretched them ...

Students understood the initial balance, but were not sure what to do with the center string on the lower branches.

Other puzzles included textbook types, "book pages."  If a book has so many page, how many digits were used to number the pages?

Last I offered students typical brainteaser puzzles, like the sequence, O, T, T, F, F ... .

Students worked more than 60 minutes of the set of puzzles.  I am proud of their persistence and collaboration.  One student remarked working on the puzzles without the pressure of being tested on the skills made them much more enjoyable.

In previous years we pushed and tested right up to the final exam.  This year, we had an extra week of classes without required content, content that had to be assessed.  Being able to spend time with students in exploratory activities was relaxing and fun!

In our last class we will complete our last exam review. Unless a brainstorm captures my attention, our final review will be fairly traditional.

What are your last days looking like?

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