Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Students blogging

Last year I asked students to blog - twice a marking period.  And we are at it again this year.  Our blogging is an opportunity to explore math from a perspective apart from what you typically see in a math book.

Today's challenge ... be creative ... let your imagination fly ... 

So, I open up our students blogs tonight and find this poem by Elizabeth ... love it!

People don’t think math has its uses
All they think is that it confuses
Their only quest?
Passing the next text.

But what they don’t see
Is what math can be
The degree you could achieve
If only you can properly perceive

If only you stopped and looked around
You’d be surprised at the things you found
Parabolas in buildings, bridges, sports, and the Saint Louis Arch
The slopes, the lines, the shapes of bands that march

Everything you do has math at its center
If you're a musician, an athlete, an inventor
A musician with math in the chords
An athlete in the jumps and throws to get awards
An inventor the algorithms and functions needed
For the  invention to work unheeded

And that was only a slice of the cake
There are so many more connections to math you could make
And while students continue to hate
They’ll soon find why adults think math is so great 

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