Sunday, August 16, 2015

#MTBoSBlaugust 16: Last minute project

The last night before the year begins ... and once it starts, it's like an avalanche!

I tried to relax this weekend, take some time away from the computer.  I haven't been completely successful.  I'm always anxious, excited, apprehensive, and overwhelmed at the beginning of school.

This year, I want to practice random grouping.  I want to leave the desks in groups of 3 and 4's.  As students enter, they will find their group assignments projected (or draw cards).  To determine where they will sit, I have group signs.  Hubs is helping me with this last minute project.

A can of tomatoes (unopened for weight), 5 ft of lath, and liquid nails forms the station sign.  I'll cover the can with duck tape when the glue dries.  Then we'll glue clothespins on the top ... one facing upward to hold the station number; the other clothespin will face downward - to hold group instructions.

When they are done and in the room I'll post updated pictures.

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