Saturday, July 11, 2015

#70 Days Reflecting on lesson planning in Tackk

Posting lesson 3 in the series on our unit on absolute value functions.

While we have taught a similar unit in the past, it is new that we will lead with this unit this year.  I believe the thinking behind starting with this unit is that we will review linear functions in the process.  We will follow the unit with systems of equations.

I have spent the past week playing with organizing this unit in Tackk.  Tackk was new to me until I went to iPadpalooza this summer.  Many presentations were in Tackk or Smore.  Benefits including needing only one link to access the whole presentation; various media can be embedded including interactive media, and it's easy to publish.

Someone asked if I would use this everyday ... I don't know but quite possibly.  Benefits in my classroom include less paper copies, all parts of the lesson organized for student access, easy to share online, and perfect for students who are absent.

In lesson planning I have a few goals ... plenty of math talk, collaboration, problem solving, short quizzes, student reflection, and less teacher talk.  I'm looking at these first four lessons to see what areas I need to strengthen!

TACKK is no longer available - UGH!

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